Congratulations to Bob Dylan !!

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Re: Congratulations to Bob Dylan !!

Postby Adrian Allan » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:59 pm

Dirck Nagy wrote:
RainyDayMan wrote:
Adrian Allan wrote:
Try over four decades, over five for some.

Of course, five decades or approaching five. Lennon and McCartney keep company with Gershwin , Cole Porter , and Jerome Kern as timeless songwriters .

Well, I wonder what will happen when L & M's massive PR organization fades away? Perhaps things will change when royalties can no longer be collected.

Will "She loves you, yeah yeah yeah" stand the test of time as well as "L' homme armé" or "Greensleeves"?

I won't live to see it, of course.

What you have chosen as an example is one of their most facile songs, written at a time when they were barely out of their teens. To take a better example, I am sure people will still recognise the melody for Yesterday in 100 years' time, and guitar players will still be messing around with Blackbird.

Or is there something innately superior in the melody line of Greensleeves? Proving one melody to be better than another in an objective sense is almost impossible - you can only make judgement based on longevity.

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