New guitar care question

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Re: New guitar care question

Post by Andrew Pohlman » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:56 pm

joachim33 wrote:
montana wrote:Goggles it. Your average humidity level in the bay area is 74%. Should you really be worrying about adding humidity ? I live on the Pacific Ocean as well. Never worried about it.
What is that 74%? Inside/outside, at which temperature. I have digital hygrometers (no proper clue how precise they are), but often showing 90% or more outside and 35% inside. That is in the middle of the heating period in southern Sweden. Taking outside humidity from the weather forecast is not good enough if you have a significant difference in temperature.
I live in the SF Bay Area and I regularly measure relative humidity. It is NOT 74% average (if I read the previous statement correctly). I see more like 50-60% RH. The SF Bay Area is semi-arid. In winter, the RH gets below 40. If it gets to the 70% range, I'm shocked, and it won't stay there for long.

Advice from someone who lives in SF Bay Area and has been managing guitar humidity for 5 years : there's almost nothing to worry about. Watch it closely when frigid northern storms come in - that's when you'll see RH drop below 40% --> 35 or below. Having said that, I keep my guitar cases at 60% RH so I have a buffer zone between acceptable lows and highs, and as a guard against hot trips in the car.
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Re: New guitar care question

Post by Jeffrey Armbruster » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:04 pm

If you're on the bay itself, the RH is much higher than just south or east or north of the bay. The fog in summer really raises the RH. Inland--Silicon Valley, Walnut Creek etc.--but still in the Bay area, it's dryer for sure.
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Re: New guitar care question

Post by quixilver » Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:56 pm

Sharkbait wrote:
Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:20 am
Would anyone be able to advise how best to protect guitars from too much humidity? I'm from Singapore, where it's always hot and humid (humidity is pretty much constantly above 65%). While I know higher humidity won't result in cracks to the guitar, I suppose the heat and humidity can cause the guitar to lose sound/sound "flabby". So besides keeping the guitar in a sealed case, what else should I do? Use dehumidifiers? Any suggestions which dehumidifiers? Thanks
This is a very common issue when you stay in a tropical country especially somewhere near to the seashore.
I keep my guitars in their hardcase and I always prepare the room by turning on the aircon for about an hour until the hygrometer displays somewhere between 55-60%, it can be dropped to 45-50% but it would be too cold for me and going down too far from 75-80% (my standard room reading) might raise the risk of getting a crack if you do this too often.
Woods apparently adapt into humidity quite instantly especially if the finish is very thin like a french polish, they absorb/release the moisture pretty fast. Hence, if your room is set on the ideal humidity level, the loss of sound quality will not be obvious.
Well, I've been doing this practice for the last 8-9 years in Singapore and have not found any major issue with my guitars *fingers crossed*

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Re: New guitar care question

Post by Francisco » Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:38 pm

Relative humidity in the Bay Area will normally be significantly higher outside, as the temperature outside (in San Francisco, for example) is about 50-65F most of the time, while normally it will be about 70F inside (you need some heat every month of the year in San Francisco, for example, and lots of people are shocked when they hear this). The warmer air inside accepts more humidity, and since it is the same air as outside, the percentage of water saturation (which is what relative humidity is) will be lower inside.
It is common for the RH in San Francisco to be about 70-75% outside and 50% inside.
A guitar is supposed to be happiest at about 50% relative humidity with a normal indoor temperature of about 70F (21C). So I'd say the Bay Area is sort of the ideal area for guitars. I would not worry at all about humidity over there. Even if you get a few days where it falls below 40% indoors, it is never long enough to be a concern.

Once you move a few miles inland, however, it may be a very different story.
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