Warning: Software update, and action needed from members

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Re: Warning: Software update, and action needed from members

Post by GeoffB » Fri May 19, 2017 5:41 pm

The popup box has been added to conform with EU law, which is making it compulsory for websites to obtain users' consent to cookies. Clicking on the "Got it" button should get rid of it until, as Sergio said, you clear your cookies again. When you say it keeps popping up, do you mean immediately, or next time you log in? If the latter, do your settings delete cookies whenever you end a session? That's how my browser is configured, and sure enough, I get the popup at each login. You could probably fix that by adding the site's address to a "whitelist" of of cookies that won't be deleted, though I'm not familiar with how that would be done on the Android phone.
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