What is your favorite set of string tension?

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Re: What is your favorite set of string tension?

Post by Arash Ahmadi » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:45 am


Which buzz are you speaking about? I understand high tension strings do not oscillate as wide and are less likely to hit the frets (buzz) when played loudly.

I went back after to Savarez red (their normal, 510 CR & 540 CR) after 6 month on high tension (Savarez 510CJ & D’Addario exp46). A key concern is to relax my left hand/arm. I am a bit worried of repetitive strain as well and lower tension should help avoid this.

An update, when I first tried the Savarez high tensions on my guitar (Hilhorst), I noticed more buzz especially on the 6th string (5th fret) but the strings have settled down now and the buzz is also gone. When you change to D'Addario EJ45 or the medium Tension you don't need to give it much time. I once also tried La Bella 820 Red flamenco strings just to experiment though I used to play some flamenco at the time and was very happy with it. I wonder if any of you have ever tried their set of classical strings.
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