Czibulka, Alphons - Stephanie - Video

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Czibulka, Alphons - Stephanie - Video

Postby Pajarillo » Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:35 am

Andrey Shilov plays Gavotte by Alphons Czibulka (1842-1894) "Stephanie", Op.312 arranged for guitar by M.Ricci. Czibulka was born in Szepesvaralja district of Szepes (Slovak: Spis), Upper Hungary. He first came to prominence from the age of 15 touring Southern Russia giving piano recitals and concerts. He eventually became musical director at the French Opera in Odessa and at the National Theatre in Innsbruck, in 1865 he was second under Franz von Suppe as conductor at the Carl Theatre in Vienna. In 1880 he was appointed representative of Austria-Hungary's military orchestra at the International Exhibition in Brussels. He won First Prize at that festival's Internationalen Musikkapellenkonkurrenz. When Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria became engaged, he dedicated to Princess Stephanie of Belgium his Stephanie Gavotte, which became one of the most popular salon music pieces of the 19th century. He conducted many giant Monstekonzerte at the Rotunda that had been built for the 1873 Vienna World Exhibition (Weltausstellung 1873 Wien). He died in Vienna, and is buried at the Central Cemetery.


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Re: Czibulka, Alphons - Stephanie - Video

Postby Reinier » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:46 pm

First time I hear this piece, and I like it very much.
Nice performance.
My guitars:
- 'Concierto' by Jesús Marzal, 22 September 1982
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Re: Czibulka, Alphons - Stephanie - Video

Postby Pajarillo » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:04 pm

Reinier wrote:First time I hear this piece, and I like it very much.
Nice performance.

Thanks very much Reinier!
I think none of the guitarists heard it before as well as the another one I recorded - "Love dream after the Ball". Only the third one is more-less known among the guitarists and only because it was arranged by Barrios. Many think that it is the piece by Barrios though he only arranged it - Gavota "Tu y Yo" which I also recorded. Thus I made a Trilogy of Czibulka! :)

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