Ordered Alhambra 7p got 2015 Fiftieth Anniversary Rosewood

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Re: Ordered Alhambra 7p got 2015 Fiftieth Anniversary Rosewood

Postby mmapag » Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:34 am

Nitro cellulose lacquer is not a superior finish. It'seems only advantage is in a high production factory environment. You are overanalyzing and have "the grass is greener" effect. You have a guitar that you like. The degree of difference in another from the same maker will be slight and not necessarily better.
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Re: Ordered Alhambra 7p got 2015 Fiftieth Anniversary Rosewood

Postby Philosopherguy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:16 am

I wouldn't dive into the war about which finish is better. They all have advantages. If properly applied, I doubt it makes all that much difference. Ask different luthiers and you will get different answers on which finish is the best.

If you like the sound of the guitar, then all is well and you should keep it! Sounds like you got a pretty good deal for the guitar. So, even if you eventually decide that you would like to upgrade, you likely won't lose too much money on the deal.

Good luck!
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Paul Janssen
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Re: Ordered Alhambra 7p got 2015 Fiftieth Anniversary Rosewood

Postby Paul Janssen » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:45 am

Don't know if this sways you, but I have an Alhambra 10 that personally I don't really like. I say this because the grass isn't always greener as the model number and price increases. You say you really like your 50th Anniversary guitar - seems like swapping for the 9P is too great a risk to take on what is essentially another factory guitar from the same maker. JMTCW….

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Re: Ordered Alhambra 7p got 2015 Fiftieth Anniversary Rosewood

Postby Number 6 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:58 am

You ordered one guitar and received an even better model. And you say it sounds fantastic.
Be satisfied and keep it! Enjoy playing it!

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Re: Ordered Alhambra 7p got 2015 Fiftieth Anniversary Rosewood

Postby kavor » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:16 am

What I hear from this guitar is some sort of echos. When I pluck e and b notes they are most prominent (I suppose open strings are resonating). But other strings are very sweet too. Its just compared to this crossover models this guitar is amazing.

First I bought crossover, Takamine Pro Series 3 folk, thinking I would not be able to play full classical. Than my teacher told me that playing classical would be easier. Never thought that. Anyway, this narrow neck Takamine is like doesn't have presence/loudness/overtones anything like this Alhambra guitar. I also tried Alhambra Fusion 14. This guitar also is meant to be played through amp and it just doesn't have sweetness of full classical to me.

I guess I finally realized, if I want to play acoustically, without amp, and enjoy it most, heading to the construction methods of the old masters is indispensable, regardless Alhambra being not top of the line. Its plenty guitar for me, I am just beginning classical. So, as you folks suggested I am keeping this guitar. You have cleared doubts from my mind.


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