Mix of classical and flameco guitar for 1500€

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Mix of classical and flameco guitar for 1500€

Post by xle25 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:56 am

Hello everyone.

About me:

I used to play fingerstyle, flamenco and classical music, Im not very good with high level pieces, but i can play most of the parts of flamenco and classic songs. I have been playing a alhambra c2 guitar, is good for the price but i need something better.

I want a mix of classic and flamenco guitar but i dont know the choice.

My list:

CAMPS PRIMERA NEGRA: 1400 euros, its not A version
Cordoba GK Pro negra: 1500 euros

Can you help me with my choice and try to post some others guitars for the rang of price?

Best regards, and thx all for the help,

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Re: Mix of classical and flameco guitar for 1500€

Post by rojarosguitar » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:14 am

These days the guitars are kind of specialized (that wasn't always so). So it's a bit difficult to get both in one package. Flamencas are designed for greater percussivity and less sustain than classical. A flamenca negra appears as a compromise, but even then it will be difficult to have both without at least always changing the bridge bone, because the action of a flamenco guitar is lower and that of a classical is higher (for a good reason).

I'm affraid when you opt for a compromise you will have neither a really good flamenca nor a really good classical.

That being said you can of course play anything on any guitar. That was the case in the early spanish period, when guitar was just a guitar and people used it for different purposes. (We certainy have much more knoledgeable people than me as the history of guitars goes).
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Re: Mix of classical and flameco guitar for 1500€

Post by andreas777 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:44 am

There are different types of flamenca negras, some of them are constructed as flamenco guitars but with a rosewood back, and some of them are constructed as classical guitars but with a golpeador. I own a Camps Primera blanca. This guitar has a weight of only 1400g and is a pure flamenco guitar. If the negra version has the same construction as the blanca version, then I would not recommend to play classical pieces on it. Furthermore I own an Hermanos Sanchis Lopez 1f extra with a Pau Ferro back. This is also a flamenca negra but its construction is more like a classical guitar, and it has a weight of 1630g. Such a guitar would be a good choice to play both styles. The price of a new guitar is more on the €2500 level but you could buy a used one. (And I don't know the other guitar you mentioned, the Cordoba gk pro.)
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Re: Mix of classical and flameco guitar for 1500€

Post by es335 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:20 am

The Cordoba GK Pro negra is more like what is called Nylon fusion guitar nowadays with cutaway, narrow neck (50 mm) and built-in pickup. Though a guitar with quite good reputation in it's field not really what one would recommend for classical music!

Heard some good things about the Camps primera negra particularly as compromise for classical and flamenco but can't comment from personal experience.

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