I want to buy my first classical guitar

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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by madrilla » Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:43 pm

The Merida T35 CJCES might be worth a look.

It has all solid wood, cutaway and pickup, currently around 550€ in the UK.

Here's a review:


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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by Leendavid89 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:39 pm

First of all, a crossover guitar might as well be a stratocaster in so far as the difference between playing that and a full scale traditional classical guitar. Totally different instruments. If you like the Taylor Mini, then get a larger Taylor nylon. Don't worry about the laminated woods in your price range. Taylor makes good guitars in spite of laminate. The nice things about crossovers is that they are easier on your hands and body. Playing in the traditional style is tough especially as we age. I would recommend trying a Yamaha NTX series. I hope I spelled this right. I owned one briefly and they are really nice and affordable.

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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by Lysiane Chantre » Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:34 pm

TOM3949 wrote in the file named "Some Classical Guitar to try to help Recommendations to Try and Help Newcomers"

Post by tom3949 » Friday 18 August 2017, 16:41 pm
I am making this post to try and help those of you who are new to the classical guitar, (as I am), and who are bewildered by the array of available makers and models, and who may not be in a position to personally try out a wide range of instruments.

Good advice I have been given on this forum is to try out as many instruments as possible and acquire the one which most suits you for your given budget. Other, (good), advice is to save up and acquire the best guitar possible – ideally used so someone else has already taken the depreciation hit. The only issue here is when you find yourself in a position where the range of guitars you can physically try within your area is limited, and you wish to extend the range of any potential acquisition by undertaking your own research and seeking advice from others.

This is where I hope this post can help by providing a starting point for researching a first guitar or upgrading an existing guitar, (and in all honesty if you already have a classical guitar you will probably know potential upgrade options already).

The guitars I have listed here are simply a summary of my own experience and on-line investigations and represent instruments which overwhelmingly receive positive reviews. My own personal experience only extends to the Alhambra guitars I have listed.

I know that I have probably missed out some very good guitars from this list, and may have included some which are contentious, but please view this post as it is intended; a distillation of my own research to try and help others in their acquisition of a new guitar. It is not extensive and it isn’t definitive – just a personal thing!

Group 1 – Starter Guitars

In this group I am including guitars which could be recommended for someone who is trying out the classical guitar for the first time where a budget is likely to be less than £300 or so. As opposed to singling out specific models I am just listing some manufacturers who have a reputation for producing good quality guitars at this price point:

Yamaha, Alhambra, Paco Castillo, Altamira, Santos Martinez, Merida

One guitar which I will specifically mention, however, is the Yamaha C40 which many reviewers indicate to be a great value starter guitar, (available for less than £100 at the time of writing).

Group 2 – Student Guitars

In this group I am listing guitars which would be suitable for someone upgrading from a ‘starter’ guitar or someone who is contemplating serious study. In the case of the latter if you are undertaking lessons you will probably want to listen to the advice of your teacher.

Alhambra 4P
Kremona Fiesta
Hanika 50
La Patrie Collection
Alhambra 5P
Paco Castillo 204

The Kremona, Hanika and La Patrie guitars listed here are ‘all wood’ models.

Another guitar I will mention here, which probably could be included in the ‘intermediate’ group is the Antonio Picardo Model 49, (solid wood top and sides, laminated back).

Group 3 – Intermediate Guitars[/b]

These are all instruments which I believe to be potential upgrades from those guitars listed in group 2.

Alhambra 7P
Antonio Picardo Model 53
Hernandez Professor
Antonio Picardo Model 54
Alhambra 9P
Paco Castillo 205

The Picado and Hernandez models are both built by small teams of luthiers and so can be truly described as ‘hand-made’ guitars.

Group 4

There is a whole world of luthier concert guitars at ever increasing price levels which I am not even going to attempt to list. This is a rarefied area that I haven’t investigated and the only guitar I am going to mention here is one which I currently perceive as the limit of my potential upgrades – Antonio Picado Model 60.

If you are new to classical guitars I hope this is useful and helps you in your search for a new guitar. From a personal perspective, just in case any of you are interested, I currently see my own potential upgrade path as Hernandez Professor / Picado Model 60, (but that is just for now! :wink: )."
I do agree totally !

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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by Artmusic » Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:03 pm

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your replies !
On saturday, I will go visit a music store and try different models !

But this morning, I was looking at some models on internet and saw a CUENCA 40 R in B stock ( A few traces of use but no scratches - and no official packaging) for 135€ ( Approx 160 USD). In France, it is usually sold between 500 and 600 euros.
So I bought it, without even trying it... (I will go to the music store for comparaison).

It is a true classical guitar with a wide neck but I thought that for this price it may be a good deal.
Do you have feedbacks about this guitar ?

It's a solid cedar top, solid RW sides and laminated RW back.
I don't know if the fingerboard is made of EBONY or RW but I hope it's ebony ! (There are 2 versions)

I am used to the website where I ordered it and I think there are getting rid of some brands and models and offer low prices.

Well for this price in France you have a Yamaha C40...

I wanted to try Picado guitar (Find a used one for 550), the new taylor academy nylon, cordoba, Alhambra 4P and Paco Castilla 204. But for this price, couldn't resist to buy it.
Hope It's gonna be a good surprise !
Looking for my first classical guitar
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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by Isabelle Frizac » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:03 pm

Good luck, Marjorie ! :wink:
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keep hope !
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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by Artmusic » Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:41 pm

Thank you Isabelle ! :-)

If I like it, I keep it and it will give me time to know what I am looking for in a classical guitar.
Looking for my first classical guitar
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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by tona » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:44 am

I recommend Alhambra Model 5P Spruce Top. It is my first guitar and actually brought me to guitar world!

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Re: I want to buy my first classical guitar

Post by Laudiesdad69 » Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:52 am

If you are going to actually play classical music on it, the wider neck will be a plus. Some of the repertoire is very difficult to play on a narrow neck cleanly as the strings are too close together on crossover types. And, you will already be accustomed to a standard classical guitar when you upgrade. For ease of playing, take it to a tech and have it set up. It shouldn't cost too much to have this done, and your guitar will be easier to play.

Also, post some pictures of your new acquisition. Wow, I just looked that guitar up at a dealer in the UK. You appear to have got a great deal on a guitar made in Spain. So what if the back and sides are laminates. At that price it doesn't matter. In fact my daughter's Ramirez 2NE is laminated back and sides, and it sounds just as good as my guitar Ramirez 4NE which is all solid woods It appears that you are quite the savvy shopper.

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