Has anyone heard of Kremona Classical guitars?

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Re: Has anyone heard of Kremona Classical guitars?

Postby guitarseller345645 » Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:22 am

So sorry you got a poor one...mine is great but I do not like tuners with rosewood buttons so I got them changed.
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robert e
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Re: Has anyone heard of Kremona Classical guitars?

Postby robert e » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:07 pm

Perhaps its a string tension issue? I have a an old low-end Cordoba that chokes on anything but the lowest tension strings. So far Galli Titanio LT (very low tension, very bright) is the only set I've found that can make it sound decent.

Simple to test--tune all strings a half step lower and see if it improves things.

(By the same token, any given guitar may respond better to a higher tension string, but I'm leery about tuning any classical guitar higher than concert pitch to find out, so you're on your own there.)

Ramon Amira
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Re: Has anyone heard of Kremona Classical guitars?

Postby Ramon Amira » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:34 pm

A major factor that's being overlooked here, as with other threads discussing comparisons, is that when you try out a guitar in a place like Guitar Center and other megastores, most of the time you are playing a guitar that might have been sitting there for six months and more. Frequently it has been played endlessly and knocked around, and nobody in Guitar Center is ever going to put new strings on. So the strings have not been changed in who knows how long. You cannot possibly assess a guitar in any way when the strings are dead or moribund.

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Re: Has anyone heard of Kremona Classical guitars?

Postby ghitarist » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:43 pm

robert e , thanks for suggestion. I will try a higher tension E carbon string and leave the rest normal tension. I can always put some higher tension Savarez carbons all around, the result is always a much cleaner sound, but In this case my musicality will decrease. I am so sure about the fact that lower tension will make Fiesta even worse, because Fiesta's treble volume is already lower then basses . The overall Fiesta sound is rich but also slow, lazy, so less tension will also bring less treble volume and clarity.

Still, guys, I've made my google, looks like there are more people like me who complain about Kremona's tone problems. These guitars are a hit or a miss - no guarantee, no consistency, no reference. For 999$ you can buy a Spanish made award winning Cordoba 45MR, for 500$ there are excellent La Patrie guitars, at 700-999$ price range there are so many options. Think twice before ordering a Kremona online, especially a used one, you might end up buying my guitar and my problems ).

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