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Jorge Oliveira
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Re: We who love Japanese classical guitars - Delcamp

Post by Jorge Oliveira » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:02 pm

Got back from my luthier, Christian Schwengeler, my Ryoji Matsuoka No.40 (1979). It was cleaned and the action adjusted (0,9 mm in the 1st fret of string 6 and 3,5 mm on the 12th fret of the same string - didn't measure the corresponding action on the 1st string but it's comfortable as it is). The plastic roller of one of the tuners, unfortunately, broke when changing strings and a new set - Van Gent No. 310 (Brass), bone rollers, space 70 mm - not as beautiful as the original ones, was installed. I may change them later to something better, more in line with the excellent quality of this guitar.

I've been playing with it and I'm amazed with the sound it produces with D'Addario EJ46FF, high tension strings. The tone is rich and full of harmonics. The basses are powerful but quite clear and the trebles sound like crystals. Overall, as good, if not better than my Hermanos Camps Master which cost eight times as much :(. A very good buy, says my luthier, and I fully agree with him. Sheer luck...

He is now working on my Kuniharu Nobe #8 (1972) (replacement of the fretboard). Seems to be a very delicate instrument, and I'm convinced it will have also a good sound, but I doubt it is in the same league as the Matsuoka. I'll have to wait and see...
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Re: We who love Japanese classical guitars - Delcamp

Post by eno » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:03 am

Hello friends! Just something I wanted to share. Over the last few months I witnessed an amazing transformation that happened with my Takamine C136S that I described here. As I said earlier, after refinish with FP it sounded much better than originally but not something outstanding. I still liked its sound and especially its look so I decided to keep it and I've been playing it time-sharing with other guitars. However, over time it opened amazingly and now became a really haunting beautiful sounding guitar. The sound is bell-like full, rich, resonant, deep, dark and long sustaining reminding a sound of monastery bells in a mountain notch. I don't know what happened, may be the shellac hardened, the cedar opened (I know that this guitar was hardly ever played by previous owner) or it's the effect of winter low humidity, but it's now my second favorite guitar after Bernabe (with the only difference that it cost me 10 times less :D ).
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