Giuliani, Mauro - Auswahl vom Apollo Saal - Duo Video

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Giuliani, Mauro - Auswahl vom Apollo Saal - Duo Video

Postby Norbert Neunzling » Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:10 pm

Here is the first number of Giulianis Auswahl vom Apollo Saal (selection from the Apollo Ballroom), played by my guitar duo 'saitenspuren' - Edith Lehner & Norbert Neunzling. For our 19th century repertoire we use old guitars, Edith a Richard Jacob (Weißgerber) Biedermeier-Modell from 1922 and me a Wiener Modell by Karl Schandl from 1927.
The score for this music is available here in the archive.

The Apollosaal in Vienna was a great ballroom for 6000 people. Up to 3 orchestras (70 musicians each) played simultaneously in different rooms. Opened in 1808 it has the most success at around 1815, but soon lost its appeal. During the Cholera-outbreak 1831 it served as a hospital.
Mauro Giuliani lived in Vienna during its heyday and arranged in this collection the most favoured melodies of the Etablissement for two guitars.

Hope you enjoy our video, best wishes,


Karl Schandl - Wiener Modell - 1927
Richard Jacob (Weißgerber) Nr. 32.8./4 - 1935
Michael Gee - Hauser style no.2 - 1990

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