My new cd "Via Mellana 12/D" CNI Music-Ut Orpheus

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Giorgio Signorile
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My new cd "Via Mellana 12/D" CNI Music-Ut Orpheus

Post by Giorgio Signorile » Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:45 pm

Dear friends I'm happy to present you my new cd "Via Mellana 12/D" (my home address...)
Some words from the booklet:
"A title that is an address... an invitation of coming into my home, meaning the physical and imaginary space that surrounds my being and musical self.
When in the morning I worm up by playing easy pieces my eyes begin to gaze at the hills and surrounding woods, without worrying about connecting notes and positions, but easily following the desire of peace and the search for harmony within the music I play. Then of course you work, you rip papers, erase lines, but Via Mellana 12 D is the right place for that too, to stop and think if what I'm writing and playing in my home belongs and represents me... then I look up at the wall and see Anna's- my wife paintings, the faces painted by Sveva- my daughter and realize that this isn't only a studio but it's now part of my music and so, of my life.

In my first compositions I would mainly search for a melody, very Italian and "guitar-like". But this time I wanted to go deeper, with different musical aspects, almost minimalist in some pieces trying to create dreamlike and evocative moments, expressing them in a much more elegant and unattached way. Almost as if I was watching over my world from above and not from the inside. This is how these nine compositions were created, some written with open chords, from the friendship with exponents of the "acoustic" world parallel to the "classical" one, with which I love to share the happiness and the sentiments born from the approach with the instrument. Other songs were simply photographs of a moment, impressions, music that take me back to instants, feelings, visions and passions...
So I can easily say Via Mellana 12 D lives, as does all of my work, in a mix of inspirations, studies, traditions and an open mind over the mountains that lovingly intertwine with the horizon a little over my town..."

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Re: My new cd "Via Mellana 12/D" CNI Music-Ut Orpheus

Post by Flawiler63 » Wed May 17, 2017 6:11 pm

Dear Giorgio Signorile
Thank you very much for this announcement of your new cd. It will go at the top of my wish list. I absolutely adore your cd Riflessi and also play some of your pieces (from the racconti di pirmavera) which are always very much appreciated by my listeners.
Greetings from the west of Irland

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