Tansman Cavatina Suite - atonal?

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Tansman Cavatina Suite - atonal?

Post by glassynails » Tue May 02, 2017 11:39 am

Is the Prelude, Scherzino, etc atonal music? It seem to sound similar to me. I do think it's very interesting music and I was playing through the Prelude, Danza Pomposa and the famous Barcarole over the last week. I could see though how to a general audience the suite could be hard to listen to and maybe a bit boring save for the Dansa Pomposa and maybe the Barcarole.

I think my favorite piece is the Dansa Pomposa out of them all, but it's a very 'tasty' and interesting suite. I think it really suits a SPRUCE guitar and a big acoustic area like Segovia used. I love that sound and the darkness of the suite in a large reverb room! I like all the pieces, but like I said, I think to a general audience - and especially today's general audience - this music could be considered boring mostly. Of course I don't find it such, but I'm a guitarist!
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