Best way you know to amplify a classical guitar.

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Best way you know to amplify a classical guitar.

Post by lacatedral » Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:40 pm

Hi, I've wondering what's the best way to amplify a classical guitar.

First, the issue about microphones: I've seen some Youtube videos about this topic, some prefer pickup microphones
(I mean these ones, I don't know how they are called in english, here's a photo:
some others use these ones: ... 016-F.webp

Second, amplification. I have a 20 watts Peavey amplifier but it's for electric guitars, I doubt it would be suitable for a non electric guitar. I'd like to add some reverb too, the repertoire I'm studying right now is more "fingerstyle" or popular arrangements of pop songs.

Third, I was thinking in using some kind of audio interface, I have a Tascam US 144MKII over here, maybe it would be right to connect the guitar with some sort of mic to it, then use a DAW like Ableton (maybe reverb could came out of here, my amplifier doesn't even have a reverb knob). Or maybe some kind of multieffect pedal, I think they are intended for electric guitars, but an old professor of mine used an amplified classical guitar with it.

That would be all, thanks

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George Crocket
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Re: Best way you know to amplify a classical guitar.

Post by George Crocket » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:35 pm

Hi lacatedral. Welcome to the forum. Please post your introduction here
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Re: Best way you know to amplify a classical guitar.

Post by Stephen Kenyon » Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:59 pm

Hi there and greetings. I suggest when you follow George's request, add a bit more detail esp about what circumstances you'd want the amplification for, how you are fixed for budget, your wider expectations etc.

Meanwhile, my answer to your question is - there is no single answer. It depends. But on the face of it, to amplify to play in public the simplest way is to get an amplifier designed for acoustic guitars, (AER being the most obvious brand, many others available) which should have a reverb function built in. Such an amp would be able to take both mic cables and a lead from a plugged in guitar, I suspect the latter may be needed if you wanted to use effects pedals rather than a mic. A simple dynamic microphone would get you going and not be vulnerable to breakage in performance situations where space is tight.

Your interface enquiry relates obviously to recording, and I'd suggest you mine the various threads on the relevant part of the forum, because a few minutes doing that will probably go quite a way to suggesting a way forward for you.
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ben etow
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Re: Best way you know to amplify a classical guitar.

Post by ben etow » Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:37 pm

The best way is to use Jean-Luc Joie's system with a Jean-Luc Joie guitar. Never heard anything better.

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