Grand Omni Test

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Re: Grand Omni Test

Postby gasman » Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:56 pm

Hello I have Behringer b5( pair) Oktavas 012, 414 , sm57 , sm58, some ribbons, and i hope to have km184 (pair)

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Re: Grand Omni Test

Postby rojarosguitar » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:21 pm

OK, so depending on what you plan to record here's what I can say:
Behringer I don't know; Oktavas 012 (the original Russian ones, because there are many fake ones too) are very good microphones (though not exactly neutral). 414 I don't know. SM57 and SM58 being dynamical microphones are a bit on the slow side and thus have a bit of a problem to deliver the fine nuances of the harmonics of the classical guitar. Ribbons are fine but not easy to use in less than optimum rooms.

As to the KM184 I haven't used them by myself, but I'm quite often disappointed by modern Neumanns. They are quiet and certainly more than OK, but kind of overestimated because of the name. A guitarist friend of mine also has them and was not thrilled. But maybe you can try some before committing to buy them.
I would look into Microtech Gefell (previous Neumann in Eastern Germany). In the USA there is Peluso (my brother has some of these) making excellent mics along the vintage ideas...

Also dynamical mics and even much more so ribbons require generally speaking very good preamps with a loot of very clean gain, because by nature they don't deliver a lot of voltage. Another aspect, especially with ribbons is their relatively high output impedance requiring a much higher input impedance of the preamp, a requirement that is not met by the most of generic preamps even of very good quality.

There are impedance matching devices that greatly improve the performance of ribbon mics and also of dynamical mics like SM57/58. One is from the Netherlands made by Tritone called 'Fethead'. The other is US made 'Cloudlifter' made by Cloud Microphones (the make modern replicas of vintage ribbon mics). Personally I find the Fetheads a bit more neutral, but both enhance ribbons and dynamic mics greatly when using with typical preamp impedances like in the most preamps.

As to the Zoom TAC-2 I found that my ribbons do not perform to their full potential, they are a bit overloaded by the low impedance input. With condensers no problem, the preamps are better than expected.
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