Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

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Brian M
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Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

Post by Brian M » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:46 pm

I want to get a pickup system installed in my Cordoba C5.

Baggs Anthem classical looks interesting, as does Baggs Lyric classical. Anthem looks like it "ought* to have better feedback resistance, Lyric like it "ought" to have better fidelity and less of the dreaded quack, but of course things are not always what they seem they "ought" to be...

Thoughts on Anthem vs. Lyric? Other contenders?

Desiderata include moderate feedback resistance, sound reasonably decent enough for pop music vocal accompaniment, easy logistics: step up, plug in, and play.

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Re: Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

Post by coot » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:58 pm

hi Brian,

I have a Lyric Classical in my Gropp guitar, and I'm very pleased with it. I've not had any issues with feedback, and the sound is quite natural - not at all like a piezo. The output is quite low, so a preamp is very useful. I find I have to reduce the midrange quite a bit to get a good sound, but that's it. The intallation is straightforward, too. I haven't tried the Anthem, so can't offer a comparison.


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Re: Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

Post by pima1234 » Mon May 01, 2017 2:08 pm

Also curious about the Lyric for classical.

I have a Lyric installed in my old Guild F50, jumbo steel string. I love how natural it sounds. I run it through their Para DI, or a guitar processor. Either way, the sound is pleasing, better than a piezo. The volume control is valuable.

I have considered many other options, of course. One that is amazing is the Barbera Soloist. I plan to have that installed on a steel string from Chris Sobel (here on the Forum).

Anymore, with a good IR loader, it's possible to shoot an impulse response of a nice guitar, and use that to obtain a very convincing sound (a bit like using the Fishman Aura, but better in my opinion). Because I own a Fractal Audio AX8 for my electric guitars, I can use that processor for my acoustic and classical guitars. It's a nice solution.
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