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Re: Self-taught sight-reading

Post by Non Tabius » Sat Jul 08, 2017 4:38 am

I put pressure on myself by using a drum box.If you have a keyboard for example then use that drum box.I imagine myself having to sightread though I'm part of a section in any orchestra or band for that matter.It's almost the same pressure IMO as doing a recording session .The drum box is the conductor in this simulated scenario.Take easy pieces.Pieces you have not seen before.Slow the tempo to a practical speed.If you fluff just carry on.The challenge with the cg or solo guitar, I believe, is that one is not readerly exposed to the sightreading environment as most other orchestral instruments are.

So to navigate around that problem is to simulate a situation where, you create a mindset where you don't always find yourself saying "Oh sherbet I am sight reading! :oops: ".As the saying goes, "the more you do it the luckier you get".A metronome electric or otherwise works just as well.Don't worry about tempo markings at the initial stage.I something I try to do at least once a week.Somehow it becomes "enjoyble" especially if you find a nice little funkie beat that jams along eg. a bossa nova on Allemande De Visee.Most of the Baroque Suits were dances anyway, according to Noad book 2.

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