Self-taught sight-reading

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Re: Self-taught sight-reading

Post by Non Tabius » Sat Jul 08, 2017 4:38 am

I put pressure on myself by using a drum box.If you have a keyboard for example then use that drum box.I imagine myself having to sightread though I'm part of a section in any orchestra or band for that matter.It's almost the same pressure IMO as doing a recording session .The drum box is the conductor in this simulated scenario.Take easy pieces.Pieces you have not seen before.Slow the tempo to a practical speed.If you fluff just carry on.The challenge with the cg or solo guitar, I believe, is that one is not readerly exposed to the sightreading environment as most other orchestral instruments are.

So to navigate around that problem is to simulate a situation where, you create a mindset where you don't always find yourself saying "Oh sherbet I am sight reading! :oops: ".As the saying goes, "the more you do it the luckier you get".A metronome electric or otherwise works just as well.Don't worry about tempo markings at the initial stage.I something I try to do at least once a week.Somehow it becomes "enjoyble" especially if you find a nice little funkie beat that jams along eg. a bossa nova on Allemande De Visee.Most of the Baroque Suits were dances anyway, according to Noad book 2.

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Re: Self-taught sight-reading

Post by SteveL123 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:37 pm

I came upon a youtube channel by gerubach, per site description:

"The goal of the Scrolling Bach Project is to provide all educators, composers, musicians and music lovers with a free online library of Bach's entire collection of his compositions in a scrolling format."

I think it is a great resource to learn sight reading by correlating the sound of a note as it scrolls on the score. Here's one example

There are sites out there with tabs and scrolling scores with computer generated music but who wants to listen to that? Not me, at least not for long! gerubach's site is violin only but played by world famous violinist (Nathan Milstein in example above).

You can slow the speed down to 0.50 with youtube speed control for better results.

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