steel strings on a tenor guitar

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steel strings on a tenor guitar

Post by Andrew Fryer » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:49 am

My tenor guitar had been tuned in fifths. I was trying to keep it that way, as I have a mandolin and a violin, and I already had a baritone uke tuned DGBE. But the other night I cracked and looked at buying some new strings. I expected tenor guitar strings to be sold by pitch, but they only seem to be sold by gauge, so I thought, I'll save my money and tune them down to DGBE and see how loose they are (the top string needed tuning down from A to E). To my surprise they are not loose at all - that steel is weird material. However, I haven't had any fingernails for weeks, so I've given up CG for folk-guitar style, and now I can't play the tenor, as I keep wanting bass strings to pluck and it just doesn't go down low enough, lol. I'll probably end up tuning it up again in fifths (there are only three basic chord shapes, and triad chords are fascinating, but some of the stretches are a pain and you have to be used to them), but then I'll be afraid of the strings snapping! However, I gather steel strings are worth replacing every now and then, as they oxidise a little, so I'll shop around for something nice in bronze perhaps.
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