strings for an LAG guitar where bass dominates the treble ?

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strings for an LAG guitar where bass dominates the treble ?

Postby BWoo » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:00 am


I have an LAG 'Occitania OC300CE' cut-away classical guitar with cedar-top, Indian rosewood back and sides, 650mm. scale; I've been playing it around six-months: ... r-p446984/

I am playing it now with a set of Savarez Cantiga 'Creation' 510MI high-tension strings, and I find the basses have incredible projection and sustain (for the first four weeks, or so), but the trebles seem weak, over-shadowed by the bass strings. Even after the basses are very well-played, and their sustain diminishes, the trebles son't really stand out,

I'd appreciate any suggestions about improving the treble strings response, even if that sacrifices some of the bass response. Different strings ? Could some modification of the interior bracing help ?

thanks, Bil

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Re: strings for an LAG guitar where bass dominates the treble ?

Postby souldier » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:27 pm

Savarez makes really powerful bass strings. Perhaps you can try normal tension basses paired with high tension trebles. Or try a different brand like D'addario EJ45 Basses (normal tension). Augustine Regals are also quite powerful trebles.

You may also want to give carbon trebles a try, which are more powerful, responsive and sustaining. They will definitely pop out more and help to be more balanced with the basses.
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Re: strings for an LAG guitar where bass dominates the treble ?

Postby petermc61 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:53 pm

While generally I am not a big fan of carbon strings, I agree about giving them a try. Also, high tension might be choking the guitar and affecting treble sustain. Go for a medium tension set.

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Re: strings for an LAG guitar where bass dominates the treble ?

Postby Gorn » Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:43 pm

Try Carbon Line Trebles. Halfsets available at Schneider Musik, maybe these strings will help you as well.
I've solved a similar problem with my "emergency guitar" today. It's a Manuel Rodríguez FF Cutaway (Spruce/Cypress), which sounds very, very dark. The trebles are far too weak for the basses. Until lately, I strung up 5-Euro EXP46 clones (Thømann house brand), cause I didn't care too much on the acoustic sound (piezo sound was fine). But - momentarily - my main guitar went to a luthier for a neck liposuction :-), so I'm forced to play that cypress thing more often.
A week ago, I tried to achieve an improvement by replacing the nylon trebles with shortly used Pyramid carbon trebles (HT), which I had still lying around, because they produced an awful plastic sound on my main guitar. But even with those strings the balance could be improved a little.
Then I ordered some Carbon Line Treble halfsets (HT) - which are said to be the most brilliant and loudest trebles ever. Don't believe? Search forum for Carbon Line and/or see ... _gitar.htm.
Today I strung 'em up, and, yes: e1 is extraordinary. b2 and g3 are really nice, but louder than the Pyramids.

BTW: I've found some very cheap stock remainder string sets at Schneider Musik called Tenson strings (HT). I put a few sets to my order.
I strung up the basses in combination with Carbon Line strings - that hit the bullseye! The Tenson basses do NOT produce masses of squeaking overtones, far less than my EXP-clones. It's a full fundamental tone with low finger noise. They're rather thick. The perfect sound for Swing/Latin, but I'm afraid, Bach players would hate it :lol: .

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