How is it that strings can change so much after a few days?

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How is it that strings can change so much after a few days?

Post by Laudiesdad69 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:54 am

I just put Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla (ha ha) clear and silver strings on my cheap, $200 Lucero LC200S. The strings had settled quickly, the basses most of all. After a couple of hours, the strings would stay in tune long enough to play for about 20 minutes before you had to tweak the tuning again.

The strings started out to be as clear as water. Good balance between the strings. Basses were a little tight sounding at first, but deep. After about 4 days, there's a certain sweetness and sensitivity in the trebles that wasn't there the first day. Sweet and lyrical. Clear like D'Addario, but with a hint of gold in the color of the tone. The basses have become smoother and a little deeper, and can sound good playing gently, or digging in.

How is it that they changed so much for the better after only a few Days? And how is it that these strings escaped my notice until now? It seems as if nobody is using these strings, really. This is the most dramatic change in character I have experienced with any string after settling. Why is that?

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Re: How is it that strings can change so much after a few days?

Post by joachim33 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:37 pm

I have experienced this with essentially all sets I tried (Savarez, D’Addario), that the sound changes in the first few days, to become more stable after about 1 to 2 weeks. D’Addario are on the quicker side, while Savarez take longer. I pay most attention to the sound of the trebles. I had a set of Hannabach which I didn’t allow that much time, which I am now regretting. I may revisit them at some point in future.

I pass my judgment on the sound after 2 weeks from new until 2 month use (playing 2 to 1.5 h a day). There is s value to the time it takes me changing them - string sets requiring more frequent changes are out if interest to me. I just my last sets for 3 month. If it wasn’t for curiosity of trying something different they might have taken another month.

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