strings recommendation for cordoba c7 guitar cedar

Choice of classical guitar strings and technical issues connected with their use.
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Re: strings recommendation for cordoba c7 guitar cedar

Post by Roaster42 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:49 am

joachim33 wrote:I assume you know this, but if not: this is not a good way to attach strings. Once you change them have a look on the web. There are many videos and pages explaining better or even poorer ways.

Congratulations. I hope you enjoy the guitar for a long time.

I do.
However, an 18 year old left handed School of the Arts student trying to sell an instrument having it restrung for the sale, I give her a pass.
I did wonder though, that with all the guitar students there she couldn't have gotten one of them...sigh
I am interested in the arguments for and against certain amounts of wraps for the E-A-D strings.
I always used a single wrap and switched to 3 wraps for the G-B-E due to the potential slippage and trying to obviate a problem.

I am enjoying it, has a wonderful tone and surprisingly after living in a college freshman's dorm room for a year, still has that fabulous Cedar aroma to it.
Projects nicely, moreso than I had anticipated.
Coffee Roasting is like classical guitar, part technique, part art.
Without both the end result works, but never reaches what it could be.

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Re: strings recommendation for cordoba c7 guitar cedar

Post by Torrescaster » Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:47 pm

Old(er) thread, but since I'm in the same boat, I'll put in my two cents:

I actually just put a set of the Pro-Arte EJ25B composite flamenco strings on my new (to me) C7. I did this purely for cosmetics. . .thought the black treble strings would visually go well with the black tuner capstans. They do. But "incidentally" I was actually surprised by how good the strings sounded. Nice and clear with deep bass and good separation. Way better than what was on there when I got the guitar (which were whatever Corboda puts on its new instruments). Don't have experience with different other strings on this, but these definitely exceeded my expectations.

IMO this guitar punches above its price class. Its made in China, but at least on mine, the fretwork was good, setup good, tuners decent, bone saddle and nut, a solid spruce top and nice-looking rosewood. Neck profile is nice and thin too. For $200 you "stole" it.

BTW, watch out for that grey backpack gig bag case. It will protect the guitar from scuffs, but not much else. If you are going to travel with this, I'd suggest a hard case.

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