Guitar made of carton box and explanation of pedal effects-Kertsopoulos

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Guitar made of carton box and explanation of pedal effects-Kertsopoulos

Post by kertsopoulos » Wed Nov 09, 2016 9:27 pm

In the begining of the video I demonstrate the "pedal effects" I have introduced in the guitar construction for enriching the interpretational capabilities of the guitarist. I am using my "minimal guitar" construction assembled on a "carton box" that acts as a "resonator-amplifier", amplifying the sounds produced by the "minimal guitar" and the top and back surfaces of the carton box being flexible can both move accordingly (when desired) to produce different pedal effects.After the explanations, an improvisation is played and then the "minimal guitar" and the "carton box" are shown separately disassembled and afterwards they are sounded separately so we can hear the considerably small sound of the "minimal guitar" when it is played alone and afterwards when it is placed on the "resonator-amplifier carton box body" we can hear the cosiderably great amplification produced. The assembled parts constitute the "Kertsopoulos carton box pedal guitar". A part of the work "Marathonas" is played in the end on the guitar, using the pedal effects.The ZOOM Q3HD has been used for recording with two microphones and the recording has been left untouched, no re-mixing or any recording effects or filters have been used. The final audio result is exactly as the first recording take of the two microphones, so we can get a real down to earth picture and idea of the acoustic and also musical results produced. Your feedback will greatly be appreciated.


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