[Youtube] Sabicas, 1963: Plays Gran Jota Di Concierto by Tarrega

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[Youtube] Sabicas, 1963: Plays Gran Jota Di Concierto by Tarrega

Post by glassynails » Sat Feb 11, 2017 11:56 am

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Re: [Youtube] Sabicas, 1963: Plays Gran Jota Di Concierto by Tarrega

Post by Ramon Amira » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:46 pm

I posted this same video a few years ago. Besides being enjoyable to listen to, it very effectively debunks the ridiculous notion you constantly hear that classical guitar technique and flamenco guitar technique are two different things.

Does anyone suppose that Sabicas secretly went into hiding for a few years to study classical guitar technique in order to play this. Or that Paco did the same so that he could play the Aranjuez.

There is no difference, period. It is true that there are generally some differences in the way this technique is utilized - more attention to tone, phrasing, and other nuances of playing in classical, but these are obviously divorced from the actual technique itself, and are merely adaptations of the same technique for different purposes.

And there are some additional techniques that are used in flamenco that are not generally used in classical, but again the basic technique remains identical - apoyando, tirando, arpeggios, tremolo (3 vs 4 - same execution) runs, scales, position play, and all left hand techniques - barre, slurs, pivot and guide fingers, etc.

I get many students who are classical guitarists who want to learn flamenco, and all I ever have to teach them - with respect to technique - is those techniques that are peculiar to flamenco. As classical guitarists they already have all the technique necessary to play flamenco.

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