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Re: Sight-Reading Development

Post by mscman45 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:13 pm

Hi everyone!

Before school started up back in August all of us music teachers had a professional development session where different music company representatives presented the various new music products available for school music teachers.
One of our the presenters shared a site called with us and it is a great website devoted specifically for creating
sight-reading exercises.

The people who created the website are a band director and a software designer so they really put a lot of thought into what the software program needs to do. Different keys, time signatures, rhythms, exact pitches (you can specify to just learn all the notes on the first string, second string, or whatever) can all be specified in advance.

I've been using the site every day with my guitar students and it really works.

Highly recommended site A+++++!

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