An interesting thought by Glassynails on technical developement piece

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An interesting thought by Glassynails on technical developement piece

Post by glassynails » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:46 pm

I was thinking today that I usually try and adapt and learn technique as various things are presented as I learn new pieces. There's nothing in my opinion entirely wrong with this approach and it all depends also on your long term goals, etc. If you're like me, a hobbyist, then it most likely doesn't really matter anyways, but still I had a nice idea today.

I was thinking about a "piece" or exercise type piece that I would like to develop, at least for myself right now, that would present various technical challenges and techniques that we come across in various pieces that we play and learn.

For example, I'm just now really getting into thumb damping techniques, which is rather late for my journey in cg, but over the last year I've gotten better and more comfortable with various damping techniques. Pizzicato is sometimes a challenge depending on the piece. Another thing is the 'Segoviesc' stopping a chord and then having only the melody playing, most likely with a little vibrato on it. Then there's countless other things like various timing and such, scale runs, playing rest stroke melody with free stroke bass, etc, etc.

So I'm thinking of developing a piece or maybe a few pieces that would try and encompass all or many of those techniques, so that I have an sort of exercise to go through to warm up on all the various techniques in one giant piece or something.

Oh, I forgot harmonics, both natural and artificial and also playing them with accompanying basses like Llobet did through many of his arrangements, etc.

I feel that these skills should be practiced until they are completely second nature so that when they are presented in various pieces we won't have to stop and learn them or will at least have some good solid practice with them.

I suppose it would really just be called a study, but another idea I had was kind of jotting down the sections in various pieces where these various techniques present themselves and kind of going through these areas or bars to practice each of those techniques.

For example, if I want to practice playing or warming up on artificial harmonics played with bass notes, I could refer and practice the section in El Testament D Amelia or if I wanted to practice a pizzicato run I could just play the opening scale of Turina's Fandanguillo, etc.
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Re: An interesting thought by Glassynails on technical developement piece

Post by SunnyDee » Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:50 pm

I love this idea. I hope you'll share it with us.
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