First thing to learn as a guitarist

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Re: First thing to learn as a guitarist

Postby LFP » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:23 am

And the second thing is:

Examine all tension: mental and physical. LFP

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Re: First thing to learn as a guitarist

Postby Lockie » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:41 am

When I went to a piano teacher for classical guitar music lessons grades etc. She always had the washing machine on. It really forced me to concentrate on what ever I was learning. I soon realised the benefits later on.

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Re: First thing to learn as a guitarist

Postby Fpad » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:47 pm

MDevon wrote:
Nylonstringer wrote:Don't press too hard with your left hand. Its wasted energy. I'm still trying to undo this bad habit.

Same with me. A good tip is to play a full peice and press down the strings so lightly that you here a buzz (just remember to be close to the fret when you play.) and after doing that you realize how lightly you would really need to press the strings.

This is great advice for beginners, I used to squeeze the neck so tightly, that it really restricted my left hand movement. It became a bad habit that I had to spend a lot of time undoing.

Julian Ward
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Re: First thing to learn as a guitarist

Postby Julian Ward » Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:06 am

A very interesting thread. I have taught for 20 years now and much of my teaching has been peripatetic.

Whether you chose to learn rest stroke melodies and later adding open bass notes or whether you initially learn freestroke through your teacher - I have found this is not the most important factor.

The most important factor that I think truly sets off a classical guitarist is the left hand thumb. I have taught hundreds - maybe more - of beginners and those that really succeed have been able to correctly position the left hand thumb and almost glue it to the neck whilst playing early on in first position.

A lot is said about not looking at hands - yes we all look at our left hand as 'performers'.. But initially looking straight at the music encourages faster learning of the notes and in my experience, faster progress.

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Re: First thing to learn as a guitarist

Postby HoboJeff » Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:49 am

I neglected my right hand for years and still don't know how to properly use my nails. I was impatient and always focused on my left hand disproportionately. So my tip is, have your student realise the music is most satisfying when you make your guitar sound great!

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