Tarrega - Prelude No.37 (Endecha) & No.38 (Oremus) - Video

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Tarrega - Prelude No.37 (Endecha) & No.38 (Oremus) - Video

Postby joseph.lau » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:00 pm

Hi folks!

This is my recording of two little preludes with some nice photos and art works which will match and helps the music.

The Endcha is a sad, grief and sorrow in mood while the Oremus is a prayer in peaceful and meditative which is his last composition.

From Wikipedia; "The endecha is a subgenre of lament, planto, found in early Iberian music. It usually indicates a metrical composition of 4 verses with 6 or 7 syllables.The endecha is essentially a musical form; a hexasyllable." "The Oremus is the Latin word in Pray."

Joseph Lau LRSM
Guitar: Stefan Vendendoudt, Asturias with AER AK15+
Mic: AKG C451B, iRig Acoustic
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