What strings are on my guitar?

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What strings are on my guitar?

Post by Elwin » Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:09 pm

Just purchased a new Ibanez classical guitar (GA-15 1/2 size, 530mm scale). It is very comfortable to hold and play, the neck feels good, fretting is easy, and the tone is very nice to my ear. I especially like the feel and balanced tone of the strings that came with the guitar. When it comes time to change the strings, I would like to use the same brand and type if possible. The only clue as to what exactly is installed on the guitar is a tag that says “This instrument is strung with SAVAREZ strings”. No mention of which particular type.

I contacted Ibanez, Hoshino and zZounds for more detail but all they could come up with was “Savarez Nylon” or “Savarez High-Tension”.

Well, Savarez website offers many varieties and at least ten different HIGH TENSION products: (500AJ 500C 510AJ 510AJH 510CJ 510CJH 510MJ 520J 540J 570CS).

So I still have no idea what exactly is installed on the guitar. Does anyone know where I could find more detail? Is there any way I can tell by physically examining the strings?


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Re: What strings are on my guitar?

Post by souldier » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:56 pm

My guess would be the 500CJ high tension set which is Corum Basses paired with New Cristal trebles since these are very common today and Cordoba strings all their guitars with this set.

If you notice the trebles are particularly thin like carbon strings, then you probably have the 500AJ set which is corum basses with alliance carbon trebles, also high tension.

I like Savarez Corum basses but usually pair them with different trebles. Since you have a 530 scale guitar I'd imagine goes well with Savarez since they make high tension strings which are more suited for short scale instruments.
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