Ipad or galaxy tablet for storing and reading notation

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Re: Ipad or galaxy tablet for storing and reading notation

Post by beanctr » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:58 pm

Since I started reading this thread I dug up my old Ipad Mini, and downloaded forScore. What a great app for $10! So thanks to you all I've been obsessing with getting my music into the app, very easy once you do it a few times. I'm sure a full size Ipad would be better but the mini's not bad, besides I had it laying around doing nothing. R
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Re: Ipad or galaxy tablet for storing and reading notation

Post by robin loops » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:17 pm

You don't mention what type of computer you use but if you use a Mac, I would highly recommend getting an iPad. While android and mac syncing/linking accounts has come a long way it still doesn't link some things as well. For example google calendar will sync you events and contacts, but you'll have to use a third party notepad app if you want your notes to sync (google docs will sync but apple notepad won't).

But the biggest benefit to an iPad/mac combo are some in what you can do with music apps. For example Logic Pro X has a controller app that runs on the ipad and is a full controller (with a graphic interface) for Logic. Again there are other genric controller apps you can run on an android tablet but they lack the graphic interface and setting up is a nightmare for the average user. In general there are also better music apps and hardware interface devices available for the ipad.

A note about Logic Studio: If you're on the mac platform this is a professional level DAW that only costs $200! And debate aside about what is the best DAW, it certainly is the most affordable full featured DAW. You can get a minimalist version of Ableton Live for around that but has limited track number and not full plugin and content. For that you need the Suite version that runs about twice as much as Logic. So if for no other reason than the controller that works seamlessly with Logic, I regret not having an iPad.
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