Ramirez 4E vs 3NAE

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Re: Ramirez 4E vs 3NAE

Post by David Norton » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:04 pm

Two comments:

(1) Judging an instrument's sound based on a YT video played through a computer is an exercise in futility;
(2) Expecting a "traditional Ramirez sound" from a spruce top instrument is an exercise in futility.
David Norton
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Re: Ramirez 4E vs 3NAE

Post by Philosopherguy » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:28 pm

It seems to me that you are pretty firmly decided that the 3NAE is better than the 130Anos, so why are you hesitating on which one you will get? If you believe the 3NAE sounds better for your purposes, why not get that one?

I haven't really looked inside my 130Anos too much at the bracing pattern. But, the literature from Ramirez does say that it is based on the NE series in bracing. I know for the 130 they added a couple small braces up around the soundhole. Other than that, I am not sure they changed it at all.

In the sample of those two guitars, youtube will not do that kind of test justice. Nor will just strumming some open strings bring out the sound of the guitar.

I didn't really get the sound of those Studio 3 guitars because of the style of those two guys. I think they were consistently playing the strings too far down towards the bridge to get a really good appreciation of what the guitars could sound like with someone playing a nice piece. That being said, I doubt they changed much in the bracing to alter the sound of the 4NE. The 4NE is likely one of their better selling guitars. Why would they wreck it? I assume the Studio 3 guitars will match up to the sound of the 4NE. One day I will test one out. I guess it is good that they are finally making their highest end student guitar with a spruce top, as spruce tends to be more popular these days for some reason. I'm not sure at what point cedar got the plague. As far as I know, no one really passes a comprehensive test on hearing the differences between cedar and spruce in blind listening tests.

Good luck!
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Re: Ramirez 4E vs 3NAE

Post by Lovemyguitar » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:29 pm

Hi Again!

Just a couple more comments. I agree with the two people who said that YouTube videos are not a good way to judge a guitar's sound, because the type of recording, the style of the players, the speakers through which you listen, etc., will all affect/distort what you hear. I also noticed that the guys playing the Studio 3 guitars played a rather harsh "sul ponticello" most of the time, which is never the warmest sound in any guitar. As for Ramirez tweaking the build/bracing paterns of their instruments, I really don't know how much of that is just hype (not much more than words to make it look like they are up on the latest trends...), and how much of that translates into actually changing the sound of their guitars in any significant way.

If you really like the 3NAE, if you believe that it has "the sound" that you love and want in a guitar, and if you can imagine yourself playing it and enjoying it, then that's the one you should buy. You have three happy Ramirez owners right here in this thread saying, "Yes, buy that one!", but the more you seek other people's opinions, the more varied those opinions are likely to become, perhaps causing you to second-guess yourself, thus making it more difficult for you to make a decision (a decision which has to be yours alone). Some people seem to want to play every guitar on the planet before deciding which one to buy, as if there will always be a better one around the corner that they should wait for, but I think that that is another exercise in futility. If you have found a guitar that speaks to you, then get it!

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