Which luthier's guitars are the most expensive?

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Re: Which luthier's guitars are the most expensive?

Post by dmcmurray » Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:04 am

"Jose Oribe's guitars are as good and as beautiful as it gets, but you cannot sell them at 1/2 the price you paid him"

I find the resale issue an important one. Especially if you have the guitar commissioned. If you have the guitar made and therefore don't exactly know what it will sound like it is helpful to buy a guitar with decent resale value. The instrument may not have the voice desired and at a high price point the expectations are equally high.
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Re: Which luthier's guitars are the most expensive?

Post by lilikati » Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:57 pm

zupfgeiger wrote:
Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:26 pm
contemporary guitars or vintage? My teacher, Wulfin Lieske, plays the real Torres "La Leona", which is worth estimated 400 000 Euro, if the owner, a German collector, should ever decide to part with her. Hauser I and II as well as Robert Bouchet are very expensive as well. As to Ervin Somogyi, I think Jeffrey Elliot is in the same league. Matthias Dammann (who closed his list) asked around 20 000 Euro, new Gernot Wagner guitars go for 15 000 to 17 000 Euro. There are many more luthier asking five-figure amounts for their instruments.
What a chance and yet a lot of responsibiIity for Wulfin. Insurance must be a lot of money.
I played a Daniel Friederich spruce top guitar in Cologne in 1976. I couldn't pay the 6500 DM (3300 EUR) and did not take the offer of the shop owner to pay it by instalments. Today I wish I had. I love Friederich guitars, and over the years they have left the range I'm willing and able to pay.
Today's price inspire people to play bad games. I own one of the early Matthias Dammann solid cedar top guitars that he crafted before he began to turn to double tops.
About six years ago I decided to let it go because I don't play much these days. A private guy from Germany who often buys and offers classical guitars offered me a certain sum. I told him I would think about his offer and sent him photographs. Two days later, I saw he was offering my guitar including the pics in the U.S. for almost double the price he was offering me - without my permission and of course not waiting for my decision to sell it at all.
When I confronted him with the illegal situation, he got really aggressive and insulted me - his way of getting rid of the guilt.
I realized world class guitars will always provoke a lot of criminal energy, and I have never again taken the risk of offering my Dammann in public.

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Re: Which luthier's guitars are the most expensive?

Post by Dofpic » Fri Oct 26, 2018 8:17 pm

Dead 1. Torres 2. Hauser I. 3. Bouchet 4. Hauser II 5.Fleta
Living but not building 1. Romanillos 2. Frederich
building 1. Dammann 2. Field 3.Wagner 4.Smallman 5.Elliott or Hauser III.
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