so i just bought a cordoba protege and

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so i just bought a cordoba protege and

Post by richay » Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:04 pm

well i absolutley love it. it was only $140 for such a great sounding instrument.
when i was 23, i went primarily steel string (though i was only playing nylon for 8 years prior)
and decided to still continue to do the impossible (practicing classical technique on a steel string as well as pieces)
for a more modern sound. its been years since i played a nylon, i strummed a chord and felt it and almost broke into tears.
i even love the cieling volume and the unclear sound it makes upon to much resonance, i love it all and i miss it.
ive spent bucks on guitars before but for 140, i really couldnt believe it.

anyway aside from all this. is my issues, not with the guitar itself but with me. i have been playing steel string for almost 3 years straight so keep that in mind with what im about to say. i tried to play a great piece i learned years ago (and still play weekly) by julio sagreras on the new guitar : | and sounded like a complete beginner. my fingers kept on slipping, left hand thumb pertrudes over the neck (i dont even do that with steel string), and even my right hand technique looks like some dude who palm mutes everything (again i dont even do this on my steel string or in the past with my nylon). i completley forgot that even though - nylon guitars are extremely comftorable, the action is considerably high compared to steel string acoustics. i went to do a 3 not bar with my index with some 3 and 4 finger licks and the high e string wasent barred. never had this problem in the past. i feel so ashamed, i feel like i lost the inner nylon in me. can anyone give good advice? do i just need time to get use to it?

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Re: so i just bought a cordoba protege and

Post by CarbonElitist » Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:39 pm

I put down the guitar for quite a few years. When I picked it back up again, I felt like a complete idiot. But it's like learning how to ride a bike. You will get the feel for it again. Welcome back to the world of nylon!
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