a question about Visesnut guitar cases

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a question about Visesnut guitar cases

Post by APK » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:10 pm

Hi everyone,

In the process of searching for a new guitar case I thought I'd look into Visesnut. I was somewhat surprised, given the adjustability and universality claims made by the manufacturer, that the maximum upper bout width is listed as 11.1 inches. My Kohno measures 11.25 at the lower bout. I spoke with a person at Strings by Mail (they carry the Visesnut cases) and he confirmed the measurement and told me that my guitar would not fit in the case. Does anyone have any experience fitting a large bodied guitar into the Visesnut case? If anyone could confirm or deny the information that I have, that would be an enormous help.

For what it's worth, I wrote to Visesnut but have not heard anything back.


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Re: a question about Visesnut guitar cases

Post by JohnB » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:35 pm

The Visesnut website has the maximum guitar dimensions (in millimeters). Go to the Visesnut website, Products/Guitar Case/Premier Series/Classical - then click on the "Brochure Classical Guitar" button.

The maximum lower bout measurement is 371mm (14.6inches).

I had one for a week and liked it very much. However, very sadly, I had problems with the depth of my guitar combined with the neck angle, so I returned the case. So it is worth checking the depth of the body of the guitar as, though a deep body (say 105mm at the heel and 110 mm at the but) will fit into the case - the neck might not be properly supported - or rather the pad above the neck will probably press down pivoting the guitar on the heel and raising the but end of the guitar which might, in turn, be pressed down by the pad on the lid. I would have no hesitation if the guitar body is a "standard" depth.

The only niggle I had about the case is that the latches (though very good) protrude a lot and could very easily get badly knocked - so a soft cover would be sensible if you are flying with the case.
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