Manuel Rodriguez FF Sabicas Flamenco

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Manuel Rodriguez FF Sabicas Flamenco

Post by Andrew Pohlman » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:41 pm

Does anyone have any idea of what a 2013 Rodriguez Model FF Sabicas blanca is worth?

I have too many guitars. Now that I have my Gore, and a cheaper beater for picnics, I really don't need the Sabicas. I already gave away my starter Cordoba. I may keep the Sabicas just because, well, it's a tribute to Sabicas! But if it is worth a goodly chunk of cash, I will be highly tempted to sell it.

I don't think they are made anymore. Historically, there have been several "Sabicas FF" versions. The older ones attempted to solve intonation issues with an angled saddle. My 2013 version seems to be creme de la creme with better tuners, traditional saddle, relieved fretboard for lower action. Both my instructors commented it sounds great. It plays great! The newest versions have far cheaper tuners and a more simplistic appointments but cost more than I paid ... I paid US$1800 new. Soon after I saw an earlier version used for US$1500 in an online shop - seems too high for a used instrument that I bought for $1800...
2013 Rodriguez FF Sabicas blanco
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