Ricardo Sanchis Carpio Guitars

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Ricardo Sanchis Carpio Guitars

Post by ragavoy » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:00 am


I'm fairly new to classical guitars and am looking at purchasing a quality classical. I'm aware of Ramirez guitars, but I'm looking at a few other guitar makers.

Could I get some opinions of guitars made by the Ricardo Sanchis Carpio family?

Thank you!


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Re: Ricardo Sanchis Carpio Guitars

Post by rinneby » Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:11 am

I think you are on "dangerous water" if you focus on just these two companies. So many other great builders and factories out there. But then again, you have to start somewhere. I think its wise of you to look at the second hand market, and more importantly try before buy. Anyway, with that said.

Ricardo Sanchis Carpio guitars range from student models to pretty darn good high end guitars. This is taken from Zavaletas La Casa De Guitarras:

The Spanish guitar maker Ricardo Sanchis Carpio is the head luthier of the Hermanos Sanchis Lopez firm in Valencia that was founded by his grandfather, Ricardo Sanchis Nacher in 1915. The founder having worked for guitar makers in Valencia for sometime, went to Madrid where he was befriended by Manuel Ramirez and Domingo Esteso. To perfect his craft, he remained in Madrid working for Domingo Esteso on Sundays for three years. As a result, the Sanchis family has had close relationships with Esteso, and with his heirs, the Hermanos Conde, ever since.

Ricardo Sanchis Nacher's son, Ricardo Sanchis Badia, learned his craft in the family workshop in Valencia. Ricardo Sanchis Carpio took over the firm from his father, building it into a shop with an international reputation for the quality of their classical and flamenco guitars.

The forth generation, the Hermanos Sanchis, (David and German Sanchis Lopez) are the son's of Ricardo Sanchis Carpio. While Ricardo continues to build the firms high end, handmade, concert classical and flamenco models, under his sons' direction the firm continues to build the affordable, high quality classical and flamenco guitars for which they are best known.

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Re: Ricardo Sanchis Carpio Guitars

Post by ragavoy » Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:54 am

Hello Jon,

Thank you for the advice. I'm coming from the jazz realm, where it's fairly easy to understand the guitar options.

With classical guitars, there are so many guitar builders . . . and within each shop, there are different tiers of guitars--from student to professional.

Could you recommend a few names of classical guitars made in Japan? Thanks!



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