Antonio Picado model 49

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Re: Antonio Picado model 49

Post by MessyTendon » Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:56 am

Frets sticking out is perfectly normal...The fingerboard can shrink with age and humidity changes, no big deal. If the frets are in good shape without buzzing leave it be.

A great cheap trick is to remove the tuners, melt some beesewax and really blob it all around where the rollers of the tunner rest, also wear the rollers go through.

The wax creates a good lubrication and keeps tuners smoother, the thicker wax in between can keep play in the rollers to a minimum.

I think the Aquila Zaffiro high tension would make the upper register sizzle, or use the Alabastro, both those from Aquila, have a really different sound to the D Addario and Savarez strings.

But try them all. A good guitar will make each set sound different, not necessarily better, that's why it's hard to decide.

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Re: Antonio Picado model 49

Post by keithwwk » Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:40 am

Beside beeswax, alternative choice is candle. I found these round spa candle is good to lubricant between roller and wood. smell good too. :)

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Re: Antonio Picado model 49

Post by Mr.Rain » Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:48 pm

robithinker wrote:
Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:29 pm
Well, I went today to play the guitar. I didn‘t find the neck to be dramatically thicker than my Yamaha, but I did sit and play the Picado for about 20 minutes and found it to be more comfortable nevertheless. I finally decided to buy it. The finish is in excellent condition, with no scratches anywhere except for a couple very minor ones on the back side of the neck where the thumb would be in the first position. I tapped around the body extensively to check for loose braces and didn‘t find any (I think). It‘s 17 years old and it looks almost new. I did notice that when I run my hand along the edges of the neck, the frets stick out just a tiny bit. Not sure what, if anything, I should do about that. The frets looked almost new. Also, the low e string tuning peg is more difficult to turn than the rest. Otherwise, I played it for about an hour and find the tone really beautiful. Certainly a significant improvement over my old Yamaha. That‘s with what I assume is 17 year old strings. I imagine it will sound much better with new strings. Suggestions on strings for a beginner certainly welcome. :P
Glad to hear that, that's why i said near new/mint :D

I have a 45 in 630mm , that is almost like a 49 as,it has solid sides (they had no laminated sides in stock ),but no backstrip :mrgreen: .

I find myself having a concierto in spruce (8 times more expensive than the 45), but going back to play this cheap studio a lot (the action is setup in 3,25/2.75, so it nearly plays a as flamenco). It is way easier to play than the concierto,and still delivers a very nice/different sound

I use normal d'addario ej 46 in my 45, but for cedar i guess you should give a go to carbons or other brighter singles (give a go to oasis carbons,or Augustine imperials/regals)

Enjoy your new guitar, you got a bargain :lol:

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Re: Antonio Picado model 49

Post by Baildpj » Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:06 pm

Hi, I have 1999 Picado 49 cedar top, I bought it last year, it sounds like yours is cosmetically a lot better than mine, looks like you got a real bargain. I’ve tried the Diadaros and Hannabach 815 strings I preferred the Hannabach as the intonation was better, I then thought I’d try Savarez Alliance 500 AR to me these give a more even balance to the bass and treble, it’s a matter of taste I guess. To date I’ve only used normal tension, though I have to say the Savarez do seem a bit stiffer. Like you when I got mine the frets were sticking out slightly the D string had a slight buzz going on around the 5th fret, I’ve had the frets filed, redressed and reset it plays really nicely now. I hope your new guitar gives you lots of joy :D


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