Giambattista guitars


Giambattista guitars

Post by gluve95 » Wed Feb 08, 2012 12:49 am

I was all set on getting a new Loriente Marieta. Then I came across the Giambattista G6 and G8. There is a YouTube clip of the G6 sounds good. Yes I am aware that sound clip are not the best way to tell a guitars live sound but they still helps. Its sounds rich and seems to have good note definition and separation. Do any of you own one or have you played one. Can you compare to the Lorienta. Also have any of you had any experience with The Classical Guitar Store in Philly. what little I have heard about them is very good. Thanks for your input.


Re: Giambattista guitars

Post by FrankB. » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:33 am

Okay.... I bought a G6 from the CG Store in 2004(roughly). It's a very well built guitar, and projects sound like a laser beam. The feedback to the player is poor in an acoustically dead room, however, so I played mine in the kitchen. The woman I sold it to didn't take it to her lessons for over a month, and when she finally did, her teacher immediately told her to stop playing so loud. This was the spruce top version, and the cedar could be different.

Jean-Baptiste Castellucia is the man behind these guitars. He lives in France, and says that he makes the soundboards there. They are then shipped to Italy, where his cousin's shop builds the guitars. The guitars are then shipped back to France for inspection and set up. These guitars are designed to be used with Savarez Corum Alliance strings, and the G string will go VERY sharp with the stock non-compensated saddle. I made a compensated saddle, but then swtiched to Alliance trebles. I asked Bob Page and John Penn what difference there was between a G6, G6b, and G8. They told me that they're graded based on sound, and the label is then printed accordingly. They only had two when I bought mine, and one was on hold for another customer. They were expecting another shipment within the week, and told me that I could bring my G6 back and compare it with the new batch. The string height and remaining saddle on the guitar I bought was ideal, but most of the new shipment had muc higher strings, and very little saddle to adjust string height. One of the guitars did sound better, but its strings were much too high to play comfortably, and it had a sliver of saddle above the bridge slot. I paid $1,800 back then, and the euro has driven the price up. I've seen Bob Page and his people package guitars for mailorder, and they are geniunely concerned about their instruments' well-being in transit. The store could use much better humidity control, however, and I my hygrometer read less than 30% during a few winter visits. Each room had a tiny Vicks
humidifier, but they were worthless. The better guitars are kept in their cases, and not on display.

Loud enough to play for an audience.
Easy to play if you get one with proper string and saddle height.
Attractive wood used in building. I examined the interior with a string light and mirror, and the workmanship was impeccable. There were two rosewood cleats on either side of the neck, under the soundboard. You'd never see these without a mirror, but their edges were beveled and sanded smooth.
Fretwork was excellent, and there weren't any dead notes that I can recall.

Not much feedback to player on spruce model. No experience with the cedar model on this issue.
Hard to play with high strings and little saddle.
UGLY Rubner tuners. They work like butter, but look worse than anything I've ever seen. I replaced mine with Shalller Hausers and ebony buttons: looked amazing!!!!
Price has gone up dramatically because of exchange rate.

Beth F-R

Re: Giambattista guitars

Post by Beth F-R » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:27 pm

I played a used G6 (Spruce) at the Philly store last May, and really liked it. Had a big sound and lots of different colors, and I didn't think the setup was too high. However, I am interested in a short-scale guitar, and I wasn't ready to custom order a guitar from France, although they will do it. But if I had bigger hands, I would have bought the used one right then and there.

Reviews of Giambattista are generally positive.

Good luck,
Beth F-R


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Post by fretboardmusic » Tue Sep 25, 2012 2:41 pm

I bought a used G8 a while back from a very good player in San Francisco for about $1000.00.He'd had it for years-lots of breaking in consequently.
It sounds as good as some very high dollar guitars I've owned or tried!
If you see a used one-grab it :-)


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Post by cgr » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:10 am

I have a 2006 G6b, bought new in Philly. I only had a chance to hear it in other hands this year and I agree (now) that it gives little feedback to the player: it sounded very different from what I hear when I play it. Easy to play, though, and best sound with the recommended Savarez Corum CRJ.

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Re: Giambattista guitars

Post by eadiaz » Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:25 pm

Regarding the CG store in Philly, I haven't bought from them, but they have excellent reviews on this site. I have corresponded with the staff at CG store, and they seem very knowledgeable and very eager to help customers. I would be very comfortable buying from the CG store.
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Bax Burgess
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Re: Giambattista guitars

Post by Bax Burgess » Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:14 am

Cedar topped G6b: pleasant clarity without being strident or piercing. I'm drawn to nylon guitars for the darker, Spanish sound, but this one is a fine companion/counterpoint to a cedar topped Picado 54. I chose the G6b first, because it struck me, and still does, as being lighter in sound, and able to soar than the darker 54.

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Re: Giambattista guitars

Post by Tommy Guff » Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:25 am

Though this discussion is quite old, I will add strong endoremens for both Giambattista and the Classical Guitar Store.

I originally bought a G6 (or maybe there was a G4 at the time?), but traded it in within weeks for a G6b, all done via shipping to/from Texas. Perfect customer service and a great guitar. This was done in 2008, and the guitar is even more wonderful after breaking in.

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