Contemporary Torres use

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Re: Contemporary Torres use

Post by Jack Douglas » Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:10 pm

Grooveman JS wrote:I've been researching luthier bios, guitars & also listening to as many videos & sound clips (good quality ones) preparation for my next purchase..... Hausers & Torres: I like them both; I'd be hard pressed to chose between the 2......but Luthier Frtiz Ober said in some magazine that a guitar sound some where in between Torres & a Hauser is Ideal. I agree totally :bravo:
A Delcamp friend of mine owns a Fritz Ober that I've played. It's a wonderful instrument. If you enjoy playing Bach it would be a perfect pairing. It's as easy to play an instrument that you'll find.
That same friend also owns a Tacchi Simplico that has both clarity and sweetness. Sweetness is to my ear one of the characteristics of a Torres. Tacchi's son, Giovanni is now building and I believe has the right stuff.
Hauser, a real Hauser, has a pure and aristocratic tone. If you want the real deal Hauser you should contact Rich at Savage Classical Guitars.
Enrico Bottelli just completed an experimental Torres inspired guitar with maple back and sides. Beautiful!
For a Torres copy or Torres inspired copy contact Gabriele Lodi easily found with an internet search. He's a very nice guy.
You didn't mention your budget. Lodi direct is about 7k, Bottelli is about 9k, Ober at 10k plus or minus, 3 year wait, Tacchi at about 12k and several years and Hauser, 4-5 year wait around 20k. These prices assume you're in the US and will have to pay shipping and import duties!
I know there are a number of makers that make their own versions at varying prices. I do not know anything about these.
Personally, I admire you for wanting a traditional fan braced Torres/Hauser instrument. I've come full circle and can't think of any other guitar I would prefer. Good luck with your search.
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Re: Contemporary Torres use

Post by Grooveman JS » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:45 am

Hello Jack ....I love JS Bach.....he's the reason or rather the first encounter that got me into classical guitar. Thanks for the heads up on the above Luthiers & prices.....I don't mind buying used ones as long as they fit the bill & are in very good budget is about what's quoted above....nothing more than US$15k.....i plan to travel to Japan (Tokyo) & the US (most likely LA) to play/feel & hear as many guitars as possible; if there's one that i absolutely have to get; then I'll just fly back with it
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