Córdoba master series + LR Baggs anthem sl

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Córdoba master series + LR Baggs anthem sl

Post by SavageTofu » Tue Sep 12, 2017 12:19 am


I've seen this:

Not sure when it's out or if it ever will be...

Talking with a friend, he claims they can add an lr baggs anthem sl pick up into any of the Córdoba signature master series guitars. My friend works at a guitar shop & has a couple luthiers that work there. He is credible. So... I thought I'd inquire here. Has anybody done this? Would this not be recommended?

I'm considering this... I'm also no sure which one to get. Hauser, Rodriguez or Reyes...

I'm currently playing on a GK pro spruce/cypress. I like it. I want to get another guitar so I can get my GK pro in the shop & looked over. I just don't have an extra guitar at this point. I've looked over my options. Córdoba custom ce doesn't seem available. GK pro negra is an option. Fwce reissue is an option. Lastly, getting a master series guitar & lr baggs anthem. Help?

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