Raised rosette

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Raised rosette

Post by Ramon Amira » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:24 pm

I can't find the original thread, but a few years ago I asked if it would be possible to simply glue on a new rosette over the existing one. At that time I was asking because I had a guitar that I liked, but the rosette really wasn't very nice.

Now I have just acquired a nice luthier classical guitar, that unfortunately had been terribly cared for. A good number of dings and light scratches, which don't faze me at all, but the rosette is damaged in a way I have never seen. About one third to one half of it is both darkened and slightly raised, like bubbled up. I get the feeling it's water damage.

I'm thinking of leveling it, probably with an Exacto knife - a gentle slit and flatten, and if that doesn't work just level by cutting. Sanding is too risky. And then just glue a new pre-made rosette over it. But I don't remember what the consensus among luthiers was, as to how feasible this is. Would what amounts to a raised rosette affect the sound. It might actually look interesting.

Appreciate any opinions. Thanks.
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Re: Raised rosette

Post by Michael.N. » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:13 pm

I've done it but it's not quite the whole rosette that is raised, just the centre ring. It will work, zero effect on the sound. It will look better and look more intentional if you can bevel the inner and outer edges, so they sort of meet the soundboard, rather than having a stepped edge.
This is one I did on a quick build Uke. I've also done it on a guitar but with the entire rosette being much larger. The idea is the same but of course your result will be much wider.
Of course it will take on something of a 3 D effect. You may also find that people won't be able to keep their grubby hands off the rosette! Believe me, I've observed people, it has that effect.
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