Lie Nielsen Planes

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Lie Nielsen Planes

Post by oski79 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:48 pm

Anyone here a fan of Lie Nielsen planes? I first got into woodworking back in the late 80's. Somewhere along the line I got a catalog from Garrett Wade, I believe, and Lie Nielsen planes were featured. A couple of years later we were on vacation in Maine and just happened along the Garrett Wade facility. I got a chance to check out the operation. I eventually acquired a few Lie Nielsen planes.

Fast forward a few decades, and I'm starting to downsize, and shop tools that I haven't used in years are a prime target. I have this great Lie Nelsen mitre plane, based on the Stanley #9. It's a beast, a five and a half pound really rock solid, well made tool. I took a look around e - b a y and was surprised to see them selling for upwards of $700+--I believe I paid around $150 for it, but memory is fuzzy. Turns out LN discontinued making them some years ago, and they're a hot commodity. This tool is a pleasure to use, but I'm not using it, so I'm going to let a real artisan or a collector have it.

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Gordon Guttmann
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Re: Lie Nielsen Planes

Post by Gordon Guttmann » Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:48 am

Nice plane.
I have 7 LN planes and I am so glad to have spent my money on these. Very well machined, lovely thick plane irons, easily adjustable, and highly chatter resistant. Wish I could afford some Lazarus planes though.

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Michael Lazar
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Re: Lie Nielsen Planes

Post by Michael Lazar » Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:44 pm

I only have 3 Lie Nielsens. They are the best.

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Re: Lie Nielsen Planes

Post by gjo » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:19 pm

Pm sent

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Re: Lie Nielsen Planes

Post by MessyTendon » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:33 pm

Wow...wait a minute....You ought to sell those to me...I am in driving distance :)

Of course I won't pay e - b a y prices...but I'll certainly break even or a touch more. Let me know.

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