Polishing and care of CG

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Polishing and care of CG

Post by DigitalisVersatilitus » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:10 am

I seek advice please regarding ebony fingerboard cleaning and a recommendation for guitar polish for use on my Bernabe Guitar.

Fingerboard: I understand some players clean their fingerboards with linseed oil diluted with natural turps. Is this a good practise? I can imagine a build up of residue over time and the ratio of oil to turps is a question in itself. What would luthiers recommend?

Polishing: At the moment I am using Martin Guitar Polish sparingly as I am suspicious about the ingredients being unlisted. Martin advertise No Silicon in the product. I would appreciate comment and recommendations from Luthiers.

PS In the past I have emailed Paulino about polishing but I have received no reply. The polish he supplied with the guitar was a small plastic unlabelled container of white cream. When applied, it dried quickly leaving a residue powder which had to be immediately polished off. One had to polish section by section which was tedious and definitely required some skill. A better alternative would be welcome.

All comments will be appreciated.

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