Luthier in retirement?

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Re: Luthier in retirement?

Post by Chris.Conery » Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:52 pm

I was in the same position in 2006, early retirement, love of guitar, like to build things. Fortunately I found a community college less than an hour drive with a luthiery program! The teacher was Robbie O'Brien (top notch teacher) who now works out of his own shop south of Denver. I should have signed up for Woodworking kindergarden but instead signed up for what amounted to Woodworking graduate school. BEWARE! This can be addictive! All I wanted was a guitar to play but now I am building my 20th.

Robbie offers a one week immersive building class in his shop but 2019 classes are probably full - you can check. And having bought the best six or seven books, I would like to second the recommendation for Courtnall's book.

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Re: Luthier in retirement?

Post by mlau » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:36 pm

1. Get the Courtnall book.
2. Look at the Ostberg guitar website:
3. Find a good local luthier.

I recommend contacting Al Carruth for a good lead. He's connected to lots on luthiers around that part of the country.

Also, build! Make mistakes! You'll learn a ton, and probably be super happy with the final product.

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