Lawson, Jeremiah - Prelude and Fugue in C major - Video

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Jeremiah Lawson
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Lawson, Jeremiah - Prelude and Fugue in C major - Video

Post by Jeremiah Lawson » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:42 pm

Over at the "Our scores for classical guitar forum" I've published all 24 of my preludes and fugues here at Delcamp. I've been slowly preparing selections from the solo version of the cycle to perform at guitar society open mics and the Seattle Composers Salon over the last couple of years. The score for the prelude and fugue in C major, for instance, is over here: ... 2&t=104169

Back in early 2015 I was able to premiere the prelude and fugue in C major and a friend and his son were able to film that premiere and the video has since been made available online over here:

The performance starts at 0:36ish after an introduction.

This is one of the easier ones in the set but it has its challenges. There's the three against two ryhythms that show up from time to time. The fugue culminates in a grand stretto passage that is followed by a stretto in which the fugue is answered by its own retrograde and while the two stretto passages are tricky to play correctly they are part of what makes this prelude and fugue so fun to play.

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