Lawson, Jeremiah - Sonata for Banjo and Guitar, III. Allegro - Video

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Jeremiah Lawson
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Lawson, Jeremiah - Sonata for Banjo and Guitar, III. Allegro - Video

Post by Jeremiah Lawson » Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:10 pm

This is the third and final movement of my Sonata for Banjo and Guitar, performed by Brett Parnell and Daniel Corr. I composed this sonata back in 2012 as part of the large cycle of duo sonatas for guitar with woodwinds, strings and brass of which my Sonata for Tuba and Guitar is also part.
Daniel and Brett filmed this sonata a couple of years ago and I wanted to post the films online so they can finally get a hearing, since the two did a great job playing the music.

The finale is a simple five-part rondo with a lively refrain built around extensive hammer-on riffs in G mixolydian. This might be one of a handful of movements I've written where (at least to me) a person might be able to hear that I've been influenced by Stevie Wonder)

The episodes in the rondo are themes taken from earlier movements in the work.

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