Flamenco corner

Somewhere for members interested in Flamenco to exchange related knowledge and techniques. Please do not give direct links to performances.
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Flamenco corner

Post by GeoffB » Mon May 01, 2017 6:21 pm

Many classical guitarists among us are also interested in Flamenco, and there may be benefits to each genre from looking into the techniques of the other.

This new subforum is provided as somewhere for interested members to exchange information and ideas on what Flamenco is about, how to start, instruction, techniques, methods, exercises, etc.

It has no pretensions to be a complete stand-alone Flamenco forum, as other specialised forums already exist for that. Rather it is intended to address issues and questions Classical Guitar players have concerning Flamenco.

Some existing relevant threads will be moved here in due course, though in many cases other parts of the forum, such as Luthiers, etc., may still be more appropriate.

To avoid problems with monitoring copyright, please do not give links to recordings of performances.

Thank you.

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