Video Recording of Classical Guitar

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Re: Video Recording of Classical Guitar

Post by Adrian Allan » Tue May 30, 2017 7:21 pm

A very simple but effective set up is to use webcam software and a web cam connected to a laptop.

I use the free program OBS studio to record directly onto my laptop (no need to transfer the video in this case from a video camera, or to sync with audio), and use a decent logitec USB webcam mounted on the laptop.

I use a Yeti USB microphone and set OBS studio to the Yeti as the input. The Yeti is a very good condenser USB microphone and costs around £100.

I then transfer the video file to Movie Maker. If I want to add reverb, I export the video file as audio only on Windows Movie Maker as a WMA file, add reverb on a DAW, and then re-import the file into movie maker.
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