Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

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Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

Post by Brian M » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:46 pm

I want to get a pickup system installed in my Cordoba C5.

Baggs Anthem classical looks interesting, as does Baggs Lyric classical. Anthem looks like it "ought* to have better feedback resistance, Lyric like it "ought" to have better fidelity and less of the dreaded quack, but of course things are not always what they seem they "ought" to be...

Thoughts on Anthem vs. Lyric? Other contenders?

Desiderata include moderate feedback resistance, sound reasonably decent enough for pop music vocal accompaniment, easy logistics: step up, plug in, and play.

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Re: Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

Post by coot » Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:58 pm

hi Brian,

I have a Lyric Classical in my Gropp guitar, and I'm very pleased with it. I've not had any issues with feedback, and the sound is quite natural - not at all like a piezo. The output is quite low, so a preamp is very useful. I find I have to reduce the midrange quite a bit to get a good sound, but that's it. The intallation is straightforward, too. I haven't tried the Anthem, so can't offer a comparison.


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Re: Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

Post by pima1234 » Mon May 01, 2017 2:08 pm

Also curious about the Lyric for classical.

I have a Lyric installed in my old Guild F50, jumbo steel string. I love how natural it sounds. I run it through their Para DI, or a guitar processor. Either way, the sound is pleasing, better than a piezo. The volume control is valuable.

I have considered many other options, of course. One that is amazing is the Barbera Soloist. I plan to have that installed on a steel string from Chris Sobel (here on the Forum).

Anymore, with a good IR loader, it's possible to shoot an impulse response of a nice guitar, and use that to obtain a very convincing sound (a bit like using the Fishman Aura, but better in my opinion). Because I own a Fractal Audio AX8 for my electric guitars, I can use that processor for my acoustic and classical guitars. It's a nice solution.
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Re: Baggs Anthem classical vs. Baggs Lyric classical vs. ???

Post by DanRock101 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 2:10 am

Greetings all!
I have the LR Baggs Lyric installed on my:

Cordoba RCWE (Nut: 55mm/Scale Length: 652mm/Body Depth: 63mm to 67mm)
and on a cheapie
Aria Classical/Nylon (​​Nut: 53mm / Scale: 654mm / Body Depth: 95mm to 100mm)

I also have a Fishman Blender & Kremona NG-1 on the Cordoba & Schertler Bluestick on the Aria. On all my plug-in-gigging guitars I have multiple pickups ... all you need to have is your pickup fail on you ONCE during a gig and shame on you if you don't manage that with a multi-pickup-solution :-)

In any case, the Lyric is AMAZING on the thinner Cordoba RCWE, be it for strumming, tapping or picking. The Lyric does not have the warm midrange of the Fishman Blender's piezo/mic-combo, but, depending the venue or type of music I'll be playing on that gig, I may choose one over the other, or switch between the pickups. THE JACK IN THE LYRIC RATTLES!!!! The body is so thin, I can't get my fat hand in to fix/tighten it.

On the other hand, the Lyric sounds WAY too bassy and almost hollow with the full-size-classical-body of the Aria. If I use just a little of the volume of the Lyric, it is ok, but, start turning up the gain, it's way too much. Since the Lyric PU is made for the classical-nylon guitars, I'm surprised LR Baggs hasn't done much R&D on the sound issues that the Lyric has in my case. I'm But again, on the RCWE, it sound magnificent!

NO RATTLE AT ALL with Lyric inside the Aria. Since both Lyrics were installed by the same guitar tech, I'm assuming the issue is the fact that he wasn't able to adjust/tightened the Lyric's jack equally on both guitars. So, I'm assuming this is an installation flaw, rather than a problem with the Lyric itself.

On my Robert Garcia guitar I just have the Kremona NG-1 stick on the bridge, it needs LOTS of clean gain with a good preamp with lots of cutting EQ. I use the Garcia/Kremona live with a Sennheiser EW Wireless since it has the 1/8" cable option and the cable of the Sennheiser is the perfect length and the Sennheiser offers plenty of clean gain the Kremona needs. I have not wanted to stick the Lyric up under the Garcia's very responsive soundboard in the case that it made hinder it.

FYI, my ​Aparicio AA 400 (Nut: 52mm/Scale Length: 664mm/Body Depth: 90mm to 96mm) which currently has a Fishman Matrix (which sounds very nice indeed!) & Kremona NG1, will be the next candidate for the Baggs Lyric as I'm assuming the slighter shallower body depth may work for this guitar. I'll report back when it gets installed!

Hope this info helps you all! :0)
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