Has anyone tried the MSP by 123sound?

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Has anyone tried the MSP by 123sound?

Post by Jez » Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:10 am

Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience of the MSP by 123sound?


I’m looking to amplify my raimundo 146 in a way which doesn’t involve any permanent modifications, drilling, etc, and my
practice space is a little close quarters for using a microphone on a stand; so this appears a good solution.

I also have a Bernal fitted with a Mi-so which I’m currently running in to a Vox VX50AG, primarily because of the reverb I can add, as the resultant sound is captivating. However I don’t want to do anything intrusive to the Raimundo as I did with the Bernal as it created a few issues I now regret (i.e. repeated loose cables inside which the guy at the shop just can’t get to sit still, and awkward jack placement when sitting classical style)

I’ve been looking at the Kremona too and like the idea of it, but I’m concerned about any loss of volume and it changing the break angle of the strings. Are they spurious concerns?

Thanks in advance.

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