Pavan TP-20/TP-30 Vs Cordoba C9

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Pavan TP-20/TP-30 Vs Cordoba C9

Post by Bsandesh » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:29 pm

Opps Sorry..Rookie mistake...This should go to the Luthiers sub forums section, not here.
I don't think I can delete this post here, so I will create a new post in the "Lutheirs" forum.

I recently purchased a Cordoba C9 Cedar for about $800 out the door.It has rosewood fingerboard and mahogany back/sides.
Even though it was made in China and not in Spain, the guitar is very good , with the right action, good tone and great looking as well.
Yesterday from this very forum I heard about Pavan guitars and they have classical guitars TP-20 and TP-30 which are made in Spain.
TP 20 costs about $1400 and TP 30 costs about $1800 with case/shipping etc.
I want to go with a guitar which will last me for a long time.
I still have a 30 day return period for my C9, so is the TP-20 or TP-30 worth the upgrade? Even the TP-20 costs about $600 more than the C9.
How is the C9 compared to TP-20/TP-30?
Does anyone have or tried both and which one would they recommend?

Appreciate your inputs.

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